iReliev Pain Relief System Dual Channel Tens Massager

I think the size and color is good and feel comfortable about the simple flow line.

About the Product
This is an O.E.M. part
Dual Channel Capability: Up to 4 Electrodes for Large Pain Coverage or Multiple Body Parts. Control each channel independently.
8 Pre-Programmed Therapy Modes: P1 thru P8 is uniquely designed to treat your pain. Customize your therapy with our Pre-programmed modes that deal with both acute and chronic pain differently.
Digital LCD Display: The LCD screen is a clear display that shows the operating status. The feature indicated includes Channel 1 intensity, Channel 2 Intensity, Program Mode, Lock Feature, Battery Voltage Indicator and Timer
Low Battery Indicator: Symbol turns on when the battery voltage is low so there is no guess work involved in changing the batteries. Batteries last up to 150 Hours on average
25 Power Levels: The power levels are indicated by each respective channel in the upper left or right of the LCD screen. The output intensity can be adjusted from 0-25 by simply hitting the on/+ button or off/- button.

Tens Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager – Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management

Good enough TENS Unit! I like simple stuff and think the TENS Unit should focus on some key functions.

About the Product
Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs) , Fully-adjustable Speed and Intensity, High Frequency stimulation to relieve pain
4 Attachment pads included, Power: DC 6V (4 AAA batteries included)
Best unit for Stress, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain. The Simplest Tens Pulse Massager Is Also the Most Advanced
LCD shows massage style, intensity and time remaining; Three selectable massages
Small and Lightweight – At only 5.3 ounce, is no bigger than a remote control, , this unit packs enough power to thoroughly massage your body, but can travel with you anywhere you like

12-Mode TENS Electrotherapy Pulse Massager with Touchscreen still in Ebay

We introduced 12-Mode TENS Electrotherapy Pulse Massager with Touchscreen for its reasonable price and excellent functions for $29.9 in March 24 from Amazon.

Then we found in April 1, it increased the price to $39.9 in Amazon and empty in the same day in Amazon. And it is even removed by Amazon as we check today.

That is why we always feel TENS Unit products are really lack of competition and made no improvement at all always. Let the clients to decide, to judge. They know their body’s feeling after use TEN Unit.

Luckily, we still can find this TENS Unit in Ebay. They still sell at $29.9– quite reasonable price. Maybe it made their competitors angry to kill them in Amazon. Here is the link- we are not sure whether they will be killed soon here either. If you really need a TENS Unit for relief the pain, try this. We think this TENS Unit deserve the price.
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You can just click the link below:

Belmint 12-Mode TENS Electrotherapy Pulse Massager with Touchscreen

Many of my posted products are removed by Amazon

Many of my posted products are removed by Amazon. As I said before, this industry is very much lack of competition and that is the reason why many of the TENS Units over charge the clients. And that is also why this product is improved so slow. The key function never improves even for 10 years but always improved in any small fields not related to function but improve the price only.

Ok, come to the key point. I still introduce TENS Unit that is reasonable price because I think the key function of this products only deserve that.

Magicfly Battery Operated Tens Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager – Excellent Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management, Upgraded Model with Backlight

I think $23.99 is quite reasonable price for this kind! If they do not change the price or just lower the price! Good deal, try it!

About the Product
Effective tens unit muscle stimulator — Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs) and adjustable speed and intensity
Three selectable massages tens unit, High frequency stimulation to relieve pain – Portable, Handheld TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Management – Treats Tired and Sore Muscles in Your Shoulders, Neck, Back, Waist ,Legs, and more
LCD shows massage style, intensity and time remaining, With backlight function

Belmint TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

About the Product
Over-the-Counter Massager Relieves Muscle/Joint Soreness, Stress & Chronic Pain
Targets Specific Pain with Labeled Buttons for Body Part, Speed & Massage Mode
LCD Display Shows Speed & Intensity Settings, Stimulation Mode & Remaining Time
Convenient 5.3oz Unit is Lightweight, Discreet & Perfect for Work or While Traveling
Ships with 5 Auto-Stimulation Programs & Is Easily Adjustable per Your Preferences

Omron Pain Relief Pro

Omron Pain Relief Pro, smart design, I like this also. And the price is attractive also- $46.95!

I check its history price during 1 year, just a little bit lower than before. I like those kinds of stuff which can keep price in a reasonable range, not as sky high, not as ground low. I dislike those seller who trick in the price.
About the Product
Utilizes Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology used by physical therapists and medical professionals for more than 30 years
100% drug free, it is safe and effective for home use (FDA cleared)
Easy-to-read LCD screen with large buttons allows for simple operation
Powerful with 10 intensity levels makes it easier to customize your therapy
8 Preset modes offer more pain relief choices or a relaxing massage

iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief

I know it is price is a little bit higher, but my personal still like it. If you are affordable $89.99, try it.

I believe in most case you will keep it.

Ok, come to introduce the TENS Unit.

14 Therapy Modes: 7 TENS Pain Relief Modes, 1 Arthritis TENS Mode & 6 EMS Muscle Strength & Recovery Modes
Features: 25 levels of 80 mA intensity, 5-60 minute adjustable timer, lock function, dual channel versatility, portable design!